Sunday, February 14, 2016

Download Now From SideloadVR!

Added swiping controls to the menu and a loading panel when loading images. Tried to optimise the loading time by changing some of the texture settings notably disabling mip map generation. I was loading all sixteen images in the menu at once but that was taking about 10 - 20 seconds so I reduced the amount of thumbnails to nine and load them one at a time. I tested it for about ten minutes and the screen went black, I added some code to explicitly release textures after I'm finished with them and clean up resources after loading. Did some profiling on the Unity memory profiler and the memory footprint is pretty steady so I'm feeling confident this has fixed the problem.

Added Unity Analytics to so I can get ideas on how to improve the app and also to test it out and see if it's any good. Added the Crittercism plugin for crash reporting and faster turn around on bug fixes. Fixed a few bugs and submitted the app to SideloadVR.

Somebody posted a link to an article on extracting stereo pairs from Cardboard Camera panoramas, I managed to get it working and tested it out in a copy of the stereo image viewer app. The 3D effect works quite well but the open top and bottom of the cylinder are very obvious. A few people on Reddit are anxious for a native Gear VR Cardboard Camera viewer. I could release it as it is where people have to extract the stereo pairs themselves and the app will load and display them or I could spend the time and integrate the XMP toolkit to do it all in the app.